OMNI Water
Omni Water Facility

Our Team

Our Technical Services department includes a team of highly experienced and professional technical advisors who are ready to provide on-site service and consultation.


  • Ed Delozier


  • Cale Delozier


  • Charles Schneider

    Vice President

Consulting Team

  • BJ Jacobberger

    Water/Wastewater Consultant

Technical Team

  • Nick Sanders

    Field Services


  • Mark Vaughan

    Laboratory Manager

  • Mandie Carlile

    Laboratory Services

Customer Service

  • Valerie Brown

    Front Office Manager

  • Kim Still


  • Cody Waggoner

    Logistics Manager

  • Cody Hansen

    Chemical Blending Technician

  • Hunter Brown

    Chemical Blending Technician

  • Josh Pifer

    Delivery Specialist

  • Casey Pequeen

    Bulk Tanker Delivery

  • Josh Rogers

    Bulk Tanker Delivery

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